Shaurya Gupta

From Zero to Hero…

Shaurya Gupta started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. Through a period of struggles, 8 failed startups and with just Rs 250 in hand, he finally came up with an idea of “JobKhabri”. The aim was to create a network of “khabris” that would work for the people to help them find suitable jobs free of cost.

Invite as Speaker

Dakiya Dak Laya?? Naaahhh! It’s JobKhabri Jobs laya…

  • Shaurya Gupta created a network of 400-500 Khabris and freelancers across the country. These khabris became a link between the candidates and various companies in their areas and helped the candidates to find suitable jobs.

Failure is all about learning!

  • Due to lack of funds, less experience, inability to get good employees, and numerous other reasons, Jobkhabri had to be shut twice but Shaurya Gupta’s strong conviction, dedication and faith in ideas led him to open up the company again.

Jo harte hain wahi to jeene ka maza jante hain!

  • Within a span of 3 years, JobKhabri flourished as a fully fledged business with a turnover of around 25 lakhs. 12-15 employees were recruited in JobKhabri’s team.

NO Risk, NO Gain!

  • The path to Jobkhabri's success was not easy. From starting with just Rs 250, Shaurya Gupta successfully pushed through numerous setbacks and went on to grow Jobkhabri and transformed it into a successful company.