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Shaurya gupta has ignited millions of young minds and motivated them through his inspirational stories and learnings that he recieved from his struggles. He has inspired people to dream more, do more and become more.

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In the News24...

  • "Every success story started with a dream and a lot of unsuccessful years".
    If you are ready to get inspired, then watch this inspirational news coverage!

In Josh talks...

  • "Failures, obstacles and setbacks are the stepping stone to success".
    Watch inspirational story of 17 year old boy, who started with just Rs 250 in hand and created a fully fledged business of worth 25 lakhs.

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  • "Fall seven times, stand up eight, because tough times don't last, tough people do."
    Hear the story of shaurya gupta on Fever 104 FM.

In Dainink Bhaskar...

  • "And just like me, you can also turn your failures into success."
    Watch now to learn how.